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Eduraom & Ahi Evran WiFi

What is eduroam ?

  • Eduroamstands for Education Roaming. It is a RADIUS-based infrastructure using 802.1X security standard, aims seamless network usage of users of eduroam member institutions across other member educational institutions.
  • The users of eduroam member institutions use theusername and password which they use at their home institutionduo for connecting the network at other eduroam member institutions (guest institution). When the user sends a connection request to connect the eduroam broadcast, the authentication server of the host institution forwards the request of the user to his/her home institution and determines if the user is to be authenticated or not. All these queries are accomplished inside an encrytped tunnel thus the username/password pair of the user is visible only at the home institution. The only thing that the user has to do at the host institution is to define the eduroam wireless network as a home broadcast.
  • Eduroam has a hierarchical federation structure. There are currently two confederations in the world: Europe Eduroam Confederation and Asia-Pacific Eduroam Confederation (APAN). Eduroam member institutions send query to the eduroam federations located in their countries. And the federations of countries send query to the confederations which they belong to. Every new federation joining Europe Eduroam Confederation that Turkey is linked to, and Asia-Pasific Eduroam Confederation is known by all eduroam institutions as an outcome of this hierarchical structure. To see the participants of the confederations, you may visit eduroam home page.



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